Can Do Empowerment is a three years project within the KA2 Erasmus + Program

The main objective of this project is to empower trainers as CHANGE AGENTS within their own local context to deal with discrimination, to share and develop an educational, conceptional and methodological basis on which to develop an effective EMPOWERMENT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE training approach which can then be used as the basis for developing practical tools such as manuals, articles, videos, booklets and other training aides which are to be communicated in a variety of different ways to maximize the impact and sustainability of this initiative.

The project will develop and disseminate material that can be used in the facilitation of anti-discrimination work, including a blog, a manual and articles. During the exchange meetings experiences with proven empowering anti-discrimination strategies and approaches will be shared and on basis of this exchange concrete products will be developed. The dissemination of findings will happen in the last year of the project. Expert meetings, conferences, workshops, publications and trainings will be organized.

The project brings together the expertise and long-standing experience of six organisations who see their fundamental mission being to confront discrimination and exclusion and to promote equality and diversity within society.
• VIA Bayern is an expert in providing intercultural and inter-religious awareness and train of trainer training’s for the social sector. VIA Bayern is the Consortium Manger of this Project.
• The Dutch organization RADAR is the main agency for equal treatment and against discrimination in the south western part of the Netherlands.
• ICA-Spain is a registered national NGO specialized in intercultural and inter-generational training for private and public organizations locally, nationally and internationally.
• Brighton and Hove Community Works is a membership organisation and an established charity. They have a diverse range of expertise including training, equality and anti-discrimination as well as their innovative asset based approach to community engagement.  Brighton and Hove Community Works gives community groups and voluntary organisations the support they need to make as big a difference as possible to local lives and issues.  With over 400 members, Community Works connects local organisations with the public sector and businesses, in order for them to benefit from each other’s expertise and networks.
• The Austrian organization ZEBRA expertise lies in the counselling and psycho-therapy for migrants and refugees and educational offers for different target groups.
• Umtapo is a South African non-profit development organisation whose mission is to engage in education, training, community mobilization, and networking in order to empower people to take control of their own lives in the struggle for sustainable development, peace, and human rights.

We will share our learning and outputs with those who are close to our community, from our family, neighbors, community centres, colleagues and target groups. We are already collaborating with various municipalities, regional institutions, universities and NGO’s. Also this project will make it easier to reach stakeholders and policy makers on a national level.


One thought on “CAN DO EMPOWERMENT

  1. You should look into the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, which is doing an incredible job in the upliftment of women and the down-trodden of India’s villages.


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